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The Unexpected Journey of The Hobbit Door on Belle Vue Island in Great Malvern

In November 2021 I painted a Hobbit Door on the Belle Vue Island in Great Malvern. Malvern Hills District Council commissioned the work with permission from Western Power as it is their door. Here is the full story of how it arrived there.

The Idea is Planted

In May 2018 Rick Banbury, a fellow well dresser who heads up the Malvern Well Dressing Committee said 'Hey Phil, can you paint a Hobbit Door on that black door under the Belle Vue Island in Great Malvern overnight without anyone knowing'.  I said with a grin 'Yes I can. Not being seen might be a problem - have you got access to one of 'The Rings'? Fun as it would be I think it might be a good idea to get permission from someone, whoever that might be, as I'd like it to be there for a bit longer than overnight'. As neither of us had access to the rings we decided it might be better to get permission.

Victoria Carman the Visitor Economy Officer at Malvern Hills District Council who promotes The Malverns and, particularly important for us as well dressers, the Malvern Well Dressing in May as part of The Malvern Water Festival, took up the challenge and ably got permission for the door to be painted.

And so the Unexpected Journey began.

After several applications and meetings the project was agreed and I was given the honour of painting the door. As it was November I was looking for a widow of milder dry weather so the rain did not in interfere with the paint. I had a gazebo ready however the light is very much restricted when it is erected.