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Workshops 2023

Explore for fun or therapy

Phil Ironside Studio Workshop Abstract Art Therapy

Workshops are a great way to free your mind and to bring some colour back into your life. They are great fun and are a wonderful way to explore new avenues and to act as a catalyst for personal development. No artistic experience is necessary, just immerse yourself in your own self expression and let the paint do the rest.

Using the techniques developed from A Painting A Day and Live Art you will be guided through the wonderful process of putting paint on paper and in the process discover something new about yourself, your situation or the world we live in.

Used as a therapy, painting in a controlled and free-form manner allows the mind to face challenges in a different way. It uses the unconscious to express thoughts and ideas that are often hidden from our conscious.

To adapt to current situation the workshops are being run when they are able.  They are being held in the studio in Malvern Link with a  maximum of 2 people. Appropriate measures are in place for the safety of everyone including the wearing of PPE and sanitizer is available.

Please contact the studio on 01684 561495 or email to discuss a booking.

  • Explore for fun or therapy
  • Safe environment
  • Free your mind
  • Express yourself
  • No experience needed
  • Any age of years or experience
  • All materials supplied
  • Unleash the power of your imagination
  • There is no freedom without discipline
  • Power is useless without control


One2one workshops

£30 per hour

4 hour workshops

2 students
£60 per student

2 hour workshops

2 students
£30 per student

Call 01684 561495 or email for more information